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Tailored yoga to the individual needs and interests of the children, nourishing their well-being through the connection and experience of yoga

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Karma Kids Yoga Therapy

Karma Kids Yoga Therapy prides itself on creating bespoke classes tailored to the individual needs and interests of the children. Not everyone has the physical capacity or proclivity to step onto a yoga mat. Yet everyone can find well-being through the connection and experience of yoga. Each class consists of a range of activities that provide healing and nourishing tools a child can add to their 'tool box', to help them cope with the stresses and expectations of everyday life, giving them a sense of accomplishment and independence.

At Karma Kids, we enhance children's minds, bodies & souls across our three platforms.

Regular Classes

Each week we have a class for children aged from 4-12 years which we run at Moulton Community Centre.

School Workshops

KKYT creates a beautiful yogic experience for the whole school, where both pupils and teachers will reap the benefits and build healthy mindsets and bodies.

Holiday Workshops

These workshops allow us to delve a little deeper into certain practices for longer periods of time, with specific themes in mind, implementing crafts and games to bring fun and connection.

Are you a school looking to Utilise Karma?

Check out our schools page and see all of the amazing things, schools across Northamptonshire are creating with their pupils.

Your Kids will Love What we Offer!

from becoming calmer to loving what yoga can offer them.

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