Karma Kids Yoga Therapy

Heather Saint - Founder

I'm Passionate About Yoga.

With over 18 years experience in teaching and professional childcare,
Heather has built a substantial foundation in understanding children and
their needs.

Heather found her yogic path when an impromptu calling to India came.
After many years of teaching in England, Heather followed her heart and
began teaching in a newly established International school in Goa, India.

It was while in India that Heather was shown the beauty and healing power
of yoga which initiated her upon the path of self discovery.

Upon returning to the UK, Heather utilised her wealth of experience of
children’s education together with her comprehensive knowledge and
understanding of the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and created
‘Karma Kids Yoga Therapy’.

Heather’s vision is for children and families of all ages and abilities to have
a safe, calm and loving space to come and find the tools that can assist them in
creating peace and stillness in times of pressure, stress and expectation.

The various disciplines Heather experienced and embraced have been carefully
merged and crafted into an offering which nurtures and supports children.

Heather now provides yoga classes to mainstream and special educational
needs settings, and holds regular classes throughout the week, giving children
the tools to not only create healthy, strong and grounded bodies, but to help
be the change that heals the world.

Karma Kids Yoga Therapy

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