is a class for Tween/Teen girls, focusing on the changes within their bodies.
It brings a sense of sisterhood and the comfort of new friendships to break down barriers, as we explore Yoga, meditation and sound healing to bring in a better understanding, love and compassion for ourselves.

Karma Kids Yoga Therapy helps children to discover the tools they can use in their everyday lives to bring peace and stillness to their body, mind and soul in a world increasingly full of expectations, targets and stress.

Each child is an individual with differing aims and aspirations. We choose to embrace these differences and encourage, nurture and develop them to be ‘the best that they can be’.

3-7 Years uses stories, games, songs, crafts, props and resources that help to create a stimulating and interactive adventure, as we explore our bodies as we open up, understand and nurture our emotions. 
8-12 Years
uses partner and group poses to build a sense of community, allowing us to build strong friendships where we feel safe to explore Yoga a little deeper. We still use stories, games and props, as well as crafts and project work. 



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